Search Engine Optimization Basics – Lesson 9

    In the last post we talked about good content strategies that you could use in your SEO campaign. In this post we are going to be talking about four of the most common SEO Myths.

    Some people follow the book carefully when it comes to SEO. However, you have to understand that there are common myths that may be detrimental to the growth of your website.

    Some of the approaches that used to be effective before may no longer be useful today, since the market and search engine spiders keep getting smarter.

    Once you recognize these basic myths you can make the necessary improvements on your site to boost your rankings.

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    Myth #1 – SEO involves techniques that will fool the search engines.

    Fooling the search engines also means that you are also fooling your human users. Real SEO techniques involve more than just optimizing content, using marketing techniques and getting additional links. A number of tactics can be used depending on the market you are trying to reach.

    Some of the strategies that can be used for SEO will produce long time results including benchmarks, competitive analysis, search marketing, keyword analysis, web design, user experience, creative copy writing, server side issues, ongoing link building, code optimization, information architecture, ongoing content development, web analytics and SEO and conversion analysis.

    Myth #2 – Search engines aren’t really used that much.

    Based on research, around 4.9 billion searches are done every month by 133 million unique searchers. Search engines have become one of the most common tools used by people all over the world when they are seeking information.

    The majority of Internet users rely on search engines to get to different web sites, pages and companies. Search engines lead you to different online businesses and shops where you can instantly shop and get the information you are looking for.

    To be successful with your SEO campaign you have to determine how much useful and relevant content is available in the market, then focus on becoming an a

    uthority on that topic.

    Myth #3 – SEO doesn’t work because you don’t have very many visitors.

    Keep in mind that SEO doesn’t promise instant and significant results. You have to use the different marketing tools and strategies together with the approaches and SEO to make everything work together. Experts recommend that you spend about 6 months after the implementation phase to evaluate the results of SEO.

    You also have to ensure that your web site can back up all the methods you have incorporated. If your site is not easy to navigate, does not have sound and unique content and is not relevant to the people you are targeting, then your SEO efforts will be rendered useless.

    Myth #4: SEO is something you only have to do once.

    SEO takes time to develop and you need to evaluate and assess each approach that you are taking frequently to determine if they should be improved. Search engines view about 100 to 200 factors or when they visit your website to decide how to categorized your search results.

    It is very important that you continue to seek out and improve your techniques. It is also a good idea to integrate your SEO campaign with your other offline and online marketing campaigns. You can do this by creating new content, building new links and refining your optimization approaches.

    If you have spent time, money and effort creating the groundwork for your SEO campaign you must take the time to ensure that it continues to function and drive the right visitors to your web site.

    SEO is not a one time event. You have to keep an eye on your site ranking, keep track of the search engine rules and make needed adjustments every now and then if you want your SEO campaign to be a success.

    Make sure you look for your next post soon. We will be talking about more SEO strategies that you should learn and use.

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