Search Engine Optimization Basics – 12

In the last post we talked about how SEO and 301 redirects work together to preserve your search engine rankings. In this post we are going to talk about how you can become a SEO content writer, so that you can achieve the search engines ranking you are shooting for.

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As we well know, search engine optimization is one of the best ways to get traffic to your website and it is a skill that you must learn if you want your site to get high page rankings in search engines.

However, knowing what type of content you should write about on your pages in order to achieve good rankings and make sure that you are keeping your visitors happy too is a completely different story.

Creating content for your site that helps boost your search engine rankings requires a different set of skills, and demands more than simply writing and posting articles. There are certain things that you must learn if you want to create content the makes both the search engines and your visitors happy.

The first thing that you should learn is how the entire SEO process works so that you will be able to create articles that have relevant content to what users are looking for, as well as creating articles that will help funnel and direct traffic to your website.

As we have discussed before, search engines focus on text and not images, so the written content of your page will receive the most of the analysis from search engine spiders, and if they like what they see your site will then get indexed in to their database.

This is why you need to make sure that your content is not only relevant, it also has to be good if you want to get better results with search engines.

When you are writing content for SEO you must learn how to use keywords and phrases properly throughout your content. Keywords play a vital role in all S

EO content because they help pull in users that are searching for a particular keywords or phrases.

You need research and take into account the keywords and phrases that users will be typing into the search engines to find your website and incorporate them into the content and articles that you will be creating and posting on your site. You also need to know where to place these keywords or phrases in the article, such as in the title tags and in the body of the articles, in order to help search engines find your content so it can get indexed in their database.

You should try to avoid overusing keywords as well. Don’t flood your article with your chosen keyword or phrase. A good rule of thumb is to include your main keyword in your title and add 3 – 4 keywords per every 500 words. Stuffing to many keywords in to an article not only makes for bad copy it may also be considered spam by the search engines.

Remember the quality of your articles will play a major and important role on how your site will rank during the entire SEO process. Keep in mind that if you cannot offer visitors content that is relevant to their searches, they will most likely find it somewhere else, and all of your work getting them to your site will have been for nothing.

As we have talked about before there are rules when it comes to writing articles for your SEO campaign. In order to avoid making mistakes and errors that will hurt your chances of ranking well in search engines you need to follow them.

Research is key if you want to write about a particular topic in a way that it will actually generate good SEO results for you.

Your articles should be original and engrossing for the visitor as well as being optimized for the search engines if you want to achieve listings that rank high on the search results page.

It is extremely important to offer fresh, new content on a regular basis so that your visitors and the search engine spiders will come back to visit your site often.

Following the basic SEO content rules will greatly improve your chances of getting better rankings and more traffic for your website.

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