What Is The True Power Of Private Label Rights?

I’ve been doing Internet marketing for years and only recently I figured out that I was throwing away thousands of dollars every year by not having enough fresh products to sell my customers. If I had focused more on easily getting new content instead of spending all my time creating it by hand I probably would have sold twice as much as I used to sell.

But what are we supposed to do?

What is The True Power of PLR?

What is The True Power of PLR?

Content creation takes time and resources that most of us just don’t have. What’s scarier is that you really have to be careful how you go about making your content. One low-quality release and your entire business could be in jeopardy. I know my own business is made up of almost 60% returning customers; if I give them a crummy product they might lose faith in me!

I’m assuming everyone who reads this blog regularly knows about PLR but in case you’re new: PLR (Private Label Rights) products are products that you can buy premade from PLR distributors and other Internet marketers. PLR is great because you pretty much have total control over the product once you get it; you can customize it and make it yours. The best part is that they’re usually ready-to-sell right when you get them so the work you have to put into them is pretty minimal.

I’ve been using PLR on and off for the past few years but honestly some of the stuff I was getting was of a lower quality than I could do myself, and I mean all by myself in a few weeks. That is, until I decided to go with Jeremy Burns’ Source Code Goldmine!

I started with Source Code GoldMine version 9 a while back and I was absolutely amazed at the quality of the products in the package and the price. It came with 10 products and was less than $200. I’ve paid $200 for a single product before and it wasn’t as good as any of the 10 within this package!

Well now Jeremy Burns has released version 10. I honestly did not think he could impress me any more than he did with version 9 until I bought this. It blows version 9, and probably all other versions, out of the water!

Source Code Goldmine v10 has 10 excellent products, just like the other versions. These products are some of the most diverse and profitable of any of the PLR products I’ve seen yet. What makes them so strong is that they’re very different products for very different niches but they all share a common theme: improving one’s financial situation.

I could write 5 or 6 pages about these products so, for the sake of you (the reader), I will limit my excitement to 4 of them:

*Facebook Power Ads
*Social Media Management for Celebrities
*How To Become a Work-At-Home Mom
*Micro Project Outsourcing.

Facebook Power Ads is pure genius. Facebook is one of the most popular websites on the internet right now. With nearly 500 MILLION users it may just be THE most popular website on the net. When I was going over the contents of the package this was the first book I checked out and I actually got so into it that I read almost half of it before I got back to the rest of the products! This particular product will be just as useful to you as it will be to your customers!

Social Media Management for Celebrities just shows how on-the-ball Jeremy Burns is. With the scale and quality of these products I would assume it takes him months to develop new ones but somehow he has written an entire book on one of the most popular up-and-coming trends of this year! Managing media websites and social networking websites for celebrities is pretty much the “in” thing for teens and twenty-something’s and this book tells you everything you need to know about getting into the business and being good at it. I love this book because it really appeals to the younger audiences who are buying online a lot more now than ever before.

How To Become A Work-At-Home Mom is excellent because it just expands the customer possibilities and targets a whole new niche. What I especially like about this book is that it’s honestly not too gender-oriented so with a search and replace tool and maybe an outsourced editor you could easily turn this into a book for Dads, Grandparents or College Students. The focus is on finding a job where you can work at home and making income online; it’s one of the most “nichefiable” products I’ve seen!

Micro Project Outsourcing I saved for last because it’s my absolute favorite! This book tells you everything you need to know about hiring outsourcers using micro projects that cost pennies a piece. I recently started using some of the tactics in this book myself and have saved a ton of money. Like most of the other books in this package, you’ll be reading and using this just as much as your customers. You could buy this package just for the books alone and it would be well worth it (but I recommend selling them, there’s a lot of money to be made selling these!)

You’d also probably be spending less than if you bought them all individually from other marketers considering the major discount.

Oh, did I mention? For this version only and for a limited time there is a $100 discount on the purchase price! YES! I am totally serious!
You get 10 wonderful products that you can easily sell individually for a tidy profit for less than $10 a piece! Is that insane or what?

The offer is limited though so if you’re going to get a copy (Seriously, how could you not?) then you need to do so fast!  https://theprofitshack.com/SCGMv10

To your success,
Shelby Carr

P. S. Even if you miss the deal it’s still a great bargain but wow, $100 off, that is just crazy. Get on this soon!


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