Jumpstart Your Success with Joint Venture Seeker

Are you still going it alone?

I’m sure you don’t have to be convinced of the power of Joint Ventures.

I mean, you see the huge numbers all the time, right?

You know “a million dollars in 8 minutes!!”

Well, thankfully there’s a whole lot more to JVs than that!

Wikipedia defines a joint venture (JV) as: an entity formed between two or more parties to undertake an economic activity together. The parties form the new entity by contributing equity and then share in the revenue, expenses and control of the enterprise and can be for one specific project or a continuing relationship forming a strategic alliance.

What benefits can you get by partnering with another business?

  1. Shortening of the learning curve by sharing expertise.
  2. Enhance Company credibility by partnering with an established business.
  3. Create new profit channels by sharing resources.
  4. Build competitor barriers that lock in profit and lock out the competition.

That’s a lot of benefits. Why then, does this form of marketing intimidate so many people?

Instead of viewing all businesses as the competition, consider how much more you can achieve when you have more resources to work with.

If you don’t have a list yet, you can partner with someone who does and have your partner mail your offer to their list in return for a share of the profits.

Or vice-versa

If you don’t have a product yet, but have a list, you share the profits of someone else’s product.

There are Joint Venture Giveaways that allow small businesses to join. These are a great way to start building a targeted list by simply uploading a free product. Simply promote the giveaway to get as many visitors as you can and all of the members benefit.

You can gain publicity by having a partner announce your new offer through their E-zine or newsletter.

With so many benefits, joint venturing is something that can take your business to the next level, literally in the blink of an eye.

There’s actually room for “the little guy”… especially those that want to move up the ranks.

Liz Tomey is one heck of an example.

Her very first JV (for the first product she ever created) brought in $37,000 in just two weeks… ok, so it’s not a million bucks, but it’s not something to shake a stick at, either!

She describes that launch as “life changing,” as it would be for just about anyone. Both she and her husband were able to stay at home with their 5 kids… and it literally set the foundation for their whole business.

Quite a story, huh?

That’s why I wanted to check out Liz’s product Joint Venture Seeker, to see if it sheds any light on JVs.

What I found was something rare… a series of video tutorials (10 of ’em!) that take you through the entire process of planning, getting, and carrying out JVs… step by step!

Liz speaks from experience, and it shows. She’s worked with most of the top people in the industry- and even got 8 of them to share their top secrets in a series of hard-hitting interviews.

Liz even includes the transcripts free of charge… along with an incredible batch of bonuses that I actually loved reading.

I think a lot of people try to get that “thud factor” by throwing together a ton of information on a topic… without really considering how people are going to use it.

That’s not the case here!

Liz has put together detailed workbooks that go along with the course, so you never feel like you’re lost. I actually picked up two steps that I had left out of my JV process that will dramatically improve my results.

So there you have it- a video JV course from a real master, that anyone can use.

If you are ready to add joint venturing to your marketing arsenal, then check out Liz Tomey’s Joint Venture Seeker. This is not a book about the theory of joint ventures, but a series of video that spells out the strategies and step- by-step approaches that are personally applied by a Joint Venture specialist. We recommend this to all Internet Marketers, no matter what niche you serve!

Last I heard Liz was offering a big discount for the first couple of weeks…

…so you better take a look now!

PS- I especially like Liz’s advice for people who have no list… she did her first JV before she had a list, so she knows what she’s talking about!

Check it our here!

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