Profiting in the Information Product Business

One of the fastest and easiest ways to make a living online is to go into the information products business. Do NOT listen to those so-called gurus who say time and time again that the market is saturated. And, that the internet just can’t handle another information product entrepreneur (infopreneuer).

Guess what? They’re wrong!

Why would I say this?

The main reason that people are on the internet to start with is because they are
looking for information. Everyone wants information!

Do you remember that movie a few years back about a robot? I think it was “Short Circuit”. That little robot got zapped by electricity and immediately started running everywhere saying “Input, need input”. Well, picture the surfers on the internet as that little automaton. They’re all running everywhere from site to site saying “information, more information!”

These same people are more than willing to pay money for the information you provide. After all, they routinely purchase magazines, newspapers, and published books, right? On the internet, they’re even more willing to pay for your information if it will save them time or solve a problem for them. The secret is to make sure that the information that you provide either saves them time or benefits them in some other emotional way.

On the internet, there is a tremendous of money that can be made by selling information to people. The way to do this is by way of ebooks . An ebook is nothing more than a book in a digital format. Sure, it can have pictures just like a real book.

The important thing of having an ebook, as opposed to a hard copy book is that an ebook can save the reader even more time than the hard book. This is because the ebook can integrate audio, video, and hyperlinks to additional, pertinent information.

Most of the internet “gurus” have made their fortunes by selling information online, in one aspect or another. Now it’s your turn to acquire a piece of the internet profit pie. You can do this by creating your own information product (ebook).

Shelby Carr is a well-known Internet Marketer. She is a 25 year veteran Bookkeeper and due to Corporate downsizing she turned her attention to Internet Marketing. Shelby is webmaster of several websites, an Associate Editor of and a committed member of

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