Wednesday, November 14, 2018
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Niche marketing is simply selecting a targeted market and fulfilling the needs.  It sounds simple enough, but how do you do that? The first step is selecting the specialized group that you wish to market.  Whether it is teenagers, people from Australia, video gamers, or what ever, you may research several markets before making your choice. When making your selection, you want to check how much competition there is, as well as how profitable the potential market is.  You would not want to market large ticket items to seven year olds, unless you are relying on their parents to purchase the your... (Read More ...)

Money. It’s the grease that eases the wheel of our civilization. Without it you can’t buy food. You can’t provide shelter. And worst of all, without it you can’t enjoy any of the finer things in life. Sure, you can live in a cave and hunt and gather your food, but what kind of a life is that? In this day and age, the possibility of getting by without money is very rare. The 21st Century (a.k.a. The Information Age) makes it possible for you to look into yourself for ways to make the money that you need. What makes this possible? The Internet. Image of Making Money Online ... (Read More ...)