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“Technology Advice & Education You Can TRUST that

Will SIMPLIFY Your Life, REDUCE Your Costs,

and MAKE You More Money!”

Are you lost?

Don't Panic!

  • Save $1,000’s in not having to hire people to make every little change on your website, autoresponder, shopping cart, etc  
  • Get things done MUCH faster by having control over the technology yourself!  
  • Improve sales and conversions by better understanding of how things are tied together in your business.  
  • Learn alternative ways of using the tools that can increase your traffic, conversions, efficiency, productivity, and your bottom line!  
  • Simplify ALL your technology issues and systems so you can get out of overwhelm and procrastination and start getting better results!  
  • Be a part of a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who are using similar tools who are there to support YOU as well as to get support for themselves!  
  • And much, much more!
Examples of the tools you’ll learn how to use:
  • Autoresponders (Aweber, Mailchimp, eBizAC)  
  • Shopping Carts (Premium Web Cart, PayGoBank, 1 Shopping Cart, JVZoo, Clickbank)  
  • Google Tools (Calendar, Gmail, Webmaster Tools, Analytics, Google Drive)  
  • Webinar Technology (GoToWebinar & GoToMeeting, Join.me)  
  • WordPress (Themes, Plugins, Media Library, Itunes, Podcasting)  
  • Audio & Video Tools (Audacity, Audio Acrobat, YouTube)  
  • and MUCH more!
The mechanics of doing business online:
  • Ecommerce & Affiliate Marketing  
  • Social Media (Facebook, Linkedin, G+, Youtube, Pinterest)  
  • Relationship Building (Email Marketing, Follow-up Autoresponders, etc)  
  • WordPress (Themes, Plugins, Media Library, Itunes, Podcasting)  
  • Productivity & Implementation (Gmail, Password Protectors, Bookmark Bar, Browsers, Desktop Organization, Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive, etc)  
  • and MUCH more!
  • Video library of Technology training topics such as posting on WordPress, using WordPress plugins, and more!  
  • Private Google+ Community where you can get help from instructors, other students, and guest faculty members!  
  • And much, much more!
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~ Testimonials ~


I have been struggling to find my way on line for 5 years now (yeah long time) I knew kind of where I wanted to be, but couldn’t find the right people to show me how so I had to try to figure it out on my own.

You would think after 5 years I should get it, well, being a total right brained person and always working with physical things that I could ‘see’ I find the virtual stuff incredibly difficult and frustrating to work with! I did start to try outsourcing but that proved a little strange too, it just didn’t feel right not to understand the workings, it is a little scary being dependant on someone else to run your virtual home. When I would ask questions after they had fixed something, I felt they held back on sharing, perhaps so that we always need them? The thing is the internet world changes every five minutes we will always need instruction. Then I joined the DU Bachelors course and found Shelby Carr – what a relief! I have learned so much from Shelby in the short time I have known her – more than I have learned in 5 years probably! I love working with Shelby, we share my screen and she walks me through things and I get it! (eventually) It is important to Shelby that we get it! I feel so much more secure knowing that. Shelby is there to show me ‘HOW’! Shelby is a God send, so knowledgeable, patient and precious to me, she is my virtual angel! Thank You Shelby. xoxoxo